Must Watch: 3 TED Talks To Up Your Productivity

March 28, 2019


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1. Creating a Decision Budget

Having a lot on your mind at all times of the day can become extremely stressful and damaging to your health. If you have found yourself in this predicament before then this TED Talk featuring Dave Asprey may interest you. Dave talks about how he was put onto the idea of a “decision budget” from CEO of, Tony Stubblebine.

Tony sets a decision budget for himself every day. He allows himself only a certain number of decisions, big or small, and then he “spends” them throughout the day. For this reason, the actions that he takes early on largely determine how he spends the rest of his day. If he uses a lot of decisions early on in the day then he makes sure to save some easier ones for the night when he can unwind.

Using a decision budget can help people avoid decision fatigue, which refers to the deteriorating quality of decisions made by an individual after making too many. Watch Dave’s full talk below!


2. Habits Keeping You From Great Communicating

One of the most important aspects of any top performing company is communicating both efficiently and appropriately. Therefore, if you are harboring bad habits while communicating then you can understand why some people may be better than others.

In the TED Talk featuring Julian Treasure, who is a world renowned for his work in the sound field. He states that, there are the 7 deadly sins of speaking and if you want to see them listed tune into about 2:50 of the video below.

Julians’ TED talk is full of absolute knowledge about how you can improve the way both yourself and people perceive you. Listening to his talk with help you improve your communication skills by implementing certain techniques and practices. Watch Julian’s full talk below!


3. Don’t Feed the Social Media Trolls

Dealing with social media trolls has been an absolute plague on society and it will continue to be if not addressed. Whether it be in direct contact or having to see trolls comments it is very hard to avoid.

In her TED talk about social media trolls, Emily Sutton, a successful meteorologist that covers tornadoes in Oklahoma gives us the tactics you can employ to avoid trolls on social media that she has gathered from her own personal experience.

The various ways she combats social media trolls, whether it be through diffusion, education, or just simply shaking it off are all very salient and topical points. Watch Emily’s full talk below!