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October 23, 2018


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Project Managers play an important role in every company. It is their responsibility to manage the workflow of their team to ensure the completion of the project at hand. While there are a number of helpful tips and tricks to consider, we’ve decided to share three basic fundamentals that all good project managers should have.


Maintain a Flexible Schedule

The ability to adapt quickly is key in this position. Scheduling is necessary to keep everyone on task but as we all know things can change. A lot of variables are out of your control so it’s vital to leave room in your team’s schedule so those changes can be accommodated. is a great team management solution to utilize. The program allows you to create transparent schedules that provide your team with project ownership and flexibility when needed.



Communicating effectively and frequently with your team is necessary to successfully achieve your project’s end goal. Having multiple channels available for communication will help make that possible. Programs like Slack allow you to be in constant contact with your team. Its direct messaging and notifications are ideal for those pressing situations that need immediate attention.

As a Project or Account Manager, it’s also important to communicate your opinion. While you may technically not have the final say, your opinion matters because of the rare position you are in. Project Managers are able to see all aspects of the project, which makes their insight extremely valuable.


Know Your Team & Client

Project Management is extremely interpersonal. To truly be effective in this job, it’s important to know your team inside and out. By understanding each teammate’s work style, you can easily tap into their strengths and avoid their weaknesses. This applies to when you are working directly with the client too. For example, taking the time to notice what channel of communication they are more responsive to can only benefit you and the project.


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