RECAP: Digital Dialogue EP 43: Social Media Analytics

July 16, 2019




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On this episode of Digital Dialogue, Katelyn and Scott are talking about what it takes to conduct a proper social media analysis!

But before we dove into that, we kicked off the episode with our #SocialMediaMinute.

New Report Finds Instagram Engagement Rates Are In Decline

For many business accounts this has not been much of a surprise but Instagram’s engagement rates have been dropping. Many are concerned that Instagram will see the same trends we saw on Facebook. In the beginning, it was easy for brands to utilize their organic reach, now it is very difficult for non paid posts to have a large reach on the platform.

Back in 2016, Mark Zuckerberg shared the company’s monetization strategy for all of its tools. It included:

  1. Build a product that people love

  2. Facilitate organic business behavior on the app (free of charge)

  3. Prove additional avenues for businesses who are seeking to expand their reach and presence

LinkedIn Upgrades Campaign Manager With 3 New Objectives

With these new objectives, LinkedIn has also updated the way that their ad pricing model is offered.

The three 3 new objectives are: brand awareness, website conversions, or job applicants. The Campaign Manager feature of LinkedIn is extremely helpful in making it easier to quantify and see what ad’s are performing correctly.

LinkedIn explains the reason for this update is to help marketers achieve their more complex business goals.

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