RECAP: Digital Dialogue EP10: How To Grow Your Social Media Following

November 6, 2018





Social Media


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Tips & Tricks

Have you ever wondered how to grow your social media following organically? In this week’s episode of Digital Dialogue, we share three helpful tips to do so and three top news stories in the world of social media.


1).  Instagram and Snapchat have provided users with new features to help promote voting in the mid-term elections.

2). Last week, Twitter announced that they will provide users with the option to set their timeline to either the platform’s algorithm or in chronological order.

3). Instagram is now testing a new option to share IGTV content via stories. The platform is also allowing users to promote their stories, enabling you to utilize the swipe up link feature.

4). Three key ways to increase your social media following include: Posting Consistently, Engagement and Cross Posting.


You can listen to the full episode here.