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August 15, 2019



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What is Google’s New Social Media App Called Shoelace?

You might not have heard of Shoelace and that is because it is currently only available by invite only in the NYC area, but we do know what it aims to be. It is a new social networking app specifically tailored for organizing local events and activities. You start the process by listing your interests, allowing it to recommend a series of local activities which it calls loops.

They also have Daily Picked Activities, which they say on their website, “We find the best things happening around you — from pick-up soccer to free comedy shows — so you don’t have to. Feeling inspired? Create your own events and invite anyone to come along.”

Another thing that makes the app interesting is that you need a Google email account to log in. This opens up a lot of integration opportunities for easy scheduling via Google Calendar and Gmail.


Facebook is Building a Dedicated Trusted News Section

Facebook is one of the most active social media sites in the world and according to a Pew Research Center Survey, About two-thirds of American adults (68%) say they at least occasionally get news on social media. So to help sort that out and give people access to accurate news sources, Facebook is building a dedicated Trusted News section on their platform. They recently said in a statement,

“One of the things that’s really worked over the last year or two is we’ve launched [Facebook Watch] for video, where people who weren’t getting all the video they wanted in News Feed could go to a place that’s a dedicated space to get video. Because that has started to really grow quickly, we’ve decided that there really is an opportunity to do something like that with news as well.”


SnapChat Continues to Innovate Spectacles


Snap Inc. is releasing the Spectacles 3 this fall which are glasses that are worn and allow you to hands free record anything you look at. Spectacles 3 have two cameras, which allows for the images to achieve new levels of depth and after effects.

One on each side of the wearer’s face (as seen in the picture from Spectacles have been around for a while, but as we truly move towards the augmented reality era they seem a lot more viable now. A Snap spokesperson recently said, “We’re putting it out there with the goal of learning about some critical things, we’re not trying to sell a billion of these.”

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