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February 11, 2016

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When creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy, a very common question that always seems to come up with “When should I be posting my content?” It’s a great question because it changes every single day and the weekly patterns change as well.  Here at Yelling Mule we have specific timing strategies with our Social Media Management offerings, however now there is an app to help everyone with the specific platform: Instagram.

The app is called “WhenToGram” and there’s nothing complex about it at all.  It will show you a “heated” timeline of each day of the week and when your audience views Instagram the most.  Based on this timeline, WhenToGram will suggest 3 peek times to post your content to get the most engagement (Likes, Comments, etc).

Based on my Instagram audience (which is just over 700 Followers), here’s the best times that it suggests that I make an Instagram post:

  • Monday: 3:15PM + 7:15PM + 8:45PM
  • Tuesday: 6:30PM + 10:15PM + 11:15PM
  • Wednesday: 11:30AM + 6:45PM + 8:45PM
  • Thursday: 1:00PM + 10:15PM + 11:30PM
  • Friday: 9:30AM + 5:15PM + 9:45PM
  • Saturday: 3:00PM + 5:15PM + 10:15PM
  • Sunday: 3:45PM + 6:15PM + 8:15PM

It’s funny reviewing the data because it really aligns with my personal practices… Doing a little Instagram scrolling at lunch, checking it after getting out of work, and scrolling around bedtime.  If you’re looking to be more effective on Instagram, I highly recommend checking out this app and seeing what it suggests for your best times:

Please leave a comment with how you decide when to post on social media, not just Instagram.

(Yes, I know I need to charge my iPhone, thank you)

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