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July 25, 2019



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Social media insights are considered to be extremely valuable. They play a vital role whenever you conduct a social media analysis or strategy. Now to make sure each analysis or strategy is successful, it’s important to fully understand what different social media insights represent and how they can vary depending on the social platform.

Types of Insights 

A majority of social media insights revolve around a post’s engagement. Engagement refers to the number of shares, likes and comments a business’s post gets on social media. Along with post engagement, many social media platforms share other insights as well. For example, Instagram’s insights provide users with the best times to post content. Facebook’s insights also dive deep into your audience. They are able to break down exactly who is looking at your content, based off of gender, age, income and so much more.  All of this is beneficial to know because it allows you to identify who your target audience is and to continue to post content that resonates with them.

Where to Find Insights 


Instagram provides insights for all business accounts. To quickly access a specific post’s insights all you have to do is click on the link ‘View Insights’ found directly below every post on your feed. This link breaks down a number of different insights. Including interactions which measure the actions people take when they engage with your post and discovery which measures how many people see your content and where they found it.


Twitter insights/ analytics break down the information a little differently. Unlike Instagram, Twitter provides users with a 28-day summary.  The first metrics provided include the number of tweets, tweet impressions, profile visits, and followers you’ve gained or lost in the 28-day span compared to the previous 28 day period. Below that shows your account’s top tweet and top media tweet.


Facebook insights provide a ton of valuable information. Your page summary breaks down everything from page likes, page reach, page views, page engagements, and responsiveness. The graphs help breakdown your organic content (nonpaid) compared to paid content. Below shows your most recent ads and recent posts. This helps you see how well your content is performing and whether or not you want to boost it. The last section in the page summary compares the performance of your Page and posts with similar Pages on Facebook. This is a helpful insight because it shows your competitors and how they are performing.

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