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Mule Hosting

Get Mule Hosting Status Updates 24/7

If you’re a Mule Hosting customer you know that our hosting is exclusive to Yelling Mule clients, and this helps keep our service as fast and secure as possible. Along with speed and security uptime is a top priority of ours. We just launched so you can get hosting status updates 24/7.

Page Load Time vs. Page Abandonment

It’s no secret that page load time is very important for your website. If it takes too long to load visitors will go elsewhere. But did you know how little time you actually have to grab that user?

Email Issues Resolved

Towards the end of the day on April 21, and for most of the day on April 22, the email system on our hosting servers was experiencing some outages. Fortunately the issue didn’t cause any emails to be lost, only a delay in receiving them. If you received a number of emails at the same time on the evening of April 22 this is why