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logo inspiration

Logo Design Best Practices

Logos bring value to businesses. They hold a substantial amount of power and have a major influence on how customers perceive a company. A good logo needs to communicate what…

How to Trademark a Logo

To gain identity and overall recognition companies typically develop personalized logos. Once created, those logos should be trademarked to protect its rights. This can be a time consuming process so…

7 Logo Design Trends in 2018

  A logo is your mark on the world. It literally translates to “reason” in Greek. Brands spend a lot of time and money on their logo because it defines…

You Know What Every Brand Needs? A Great Logo

One of the first steps in establishing a social media presence or persona relies on how you brand yourself. It’s your self-image. It will speak volumes about your company in so many different ways. Your logo speaks volumes about your business. Think about it – your logo will be placed on everything from business cards to email signatures and promos.