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Make Friends In High Places

Influencer marketing is huge right now. Who are influencers? They’re industry leaders, experts and celebrities. Now, obviously, we’re not expecting you to befriend Kanye West this week and magically have him promoting your content but you could definitely socialize with local superstars.

You Know What Every Brand Needs? A Great Logo

One of the first steps in establishing a social media presence or persona relies on how you brand yourself. It’s your self-image. It will speak volumes about your company in so many different ways. Your logo speaks volumes about your business. Think about it – your logo will be placed on everything from business cards to email signatures and promos.

5 Habits of Successful Social Media Managers

What makes for a highly successful social media manager? Well, besides an enormous amount of coffee, there is plenty that goes into any social media position. Social media can be very time consuming, but if you manage your time properly and rely on these habits as your guideline, then you’ll do fine!

Social Media Platforms to Keep Your Eye On

Is it already ‪Freebie Friday‬?! With all the Instagram versus Snapchat talk, we decided to run you through a few ‪‎Social Media‬ platforms to keep an eye on! Let’s start…

Stop Worrying About How Many Followers You Have

As the owner of a digital marketing agency it seems like every other day I hear someone complain about their social media because they don’t have enough followers. Whenever I hear this I cringe because I know that person has been wasting valuable time and maybe even money trying to follow everyone on Instagram hoping they’ll follow them back. Even worse, some people go to eBay and actually buy followers!

Team Tuesdays: Q&A with Eric Jansen

We’ve started a new ‘Behind-the-Scenes’ segment called Team Tuesdays! Every Tuesday, we’re going to feature a different Yelling Mule staff member so you can learn a little about the dream…

Building Your Content Calendar

So, you might be asking “Who cares?! I don’t need a content calendar!” Well, false. You do. Everyone does. Most especially if you are managing more than one social media account. Planning week by week is not an efficient use of time. With a calendar and pre-planned posts, you’ll be able to utilize your time more wisely and make great content with less stress!

Meet Our New Intern!

It’s summertime in Boston and we’ve got a new face at Yelling Mule! This month, we’re welcoming our newest Social Media Intern, Eric. Eric Jansen Hi everyone, my name is…

2016 American Web Design Awards

We are proud to announce that Yelling Mule has won eight awards for web design in the 2016 American Web Design Awards! Graphic Design USA has been sponsoring national design competitions since 1963, so it’s a real honor to have been selected as a winner three years in a row!

Free Tom Brady Night at Pawtucket

You have to love good local (Bostonian) marketing.  Something tells me “Free Brady Night” at the Pawtucket Red Sox game will be VERY well attended: Pawtucket is holding “Free Brady…

Yelling Mule Turned Six Today!

March 23rd is Yelling Mule’s birthday, and this year we are celebrating our sixth year in business. I can’t believe how fast the years have gone by! March 23rd is Yelling Mule’s birthday, and this year we are celebrating our sixth year in business. I can’t believe how fast the years have gone by! Every year on this day I like to stop and reflect on the years past.

WhenToGram: Get The Instagram Edge

When creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy, a very common question that always seems to come up with “When should I be posting my content?” It’s a great question because…

Mule On The Move

If you didn’t already know, Yelling Mule is shipping up to Boston – whoa! Historic, Salem, MA has served as the home of Yelling Mule for three years as we…

The New Is Live

After months of planning, wireframes, designs, development, copywriting, photography and everything else that goes into a complete overhaul of a 50+ page website the new is finally live!

Best Nine Instagram Photos in 2015

Well it’s that time of the year again when everyone starts posting lists to do a recap prior to the New Year.  A cool trend on Instagram has been the…